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Why 2016 was maybe my wildest year



What a year.

Let’s wrap this one up.

In January, I was three weeks into a Cuban backpacking adventure, where I met the United Nations, climbed Cuba’s highest mountain and fell in love with and in Vinales. With that trip ending, I settled down for my last semester of grad school (!) where I finished my thesis on citizenship and terrorism. 

February and March saw more of the same. The library. The coffee shops. The tears. The staggering amount of books I kept on my counter.

April saw the end of my master’s program, and a surprise kidnapping to Montreal. It was also time for my trip to Yellowknife. My best friend moved there the year before and it was high-time that I visit. I loved my time there and could see myself moving to this beautiful city.

June was pretty uneventful, except that I graduated! That was a milestone for me and I’m so glad I spent it with my friends and family.

July was very quiet. Following my accident, I spent the month taking it easy and learning quickly that head injuries are no joke. I am still recovering from my concussion and it is slow and steady.

August was crazy busy! After a month of doing nothing, it was time to kick it in high gear. A week-long trip to Prince Edward Island with my family, a weekend cottage trip with the boys and a girl’s trip to Nashville! My head is spinning just writing about it.

I went to Toronto in September to see Trevor Noah and a quick trip to Montreal to see Adele! October was home to family holidays, a bachelorette party, a Jack and Jill and culiminated in the sweetest wedding of my dear, dear, lovely friends.

November was also the month I turned 27 and headed to Istanbul for the first time! It was such an interesting trip. Shortly after I came back, there was another brutal bombing, close to the soccer stadium that I had driven by many times that week. It breaks my heart to see such a beautiful city broken by this violence. But as I said in my blog, Istanbul will go on.

And now, it’s December and I was suppose to head to Puerto Rico for a week. But you know, I came down with a kidney infection! Travel-wise, this has been a stellar year. Health-wise, it was very difficult. Professional/Personal wise – still to be determined.

I will say that the thing I’ve learned the most this year was about perseverance. Head injuries affect everyone differently, and mine was extremely difficult to get through. I spent months feeling like a zombie, waiting for the “real” Isabelle to pop up. She’s back in waves, so I’m hoping that in 2017, she stays for good.

As for 2017, so far I only have a trip to the Yukon planned in March. I can’t wait to hit up my second territory! And hopefully, check off my last province! Other ideas being thrown around is visiting my brother in Poland and taking a nearby trip to Estonia, a Wolfpack trip to Colombia, a long weekend trip to Mexico and maybe a week in Portugal. So many options!

Happy new year!

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