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Looking ahead this year

It’s already June. I can’t believe how fast this year has already gone by. I thought this year would be sluggish and slow, as I focused on finishing my master’s degree and finding a job abroad. Actually, until my trip to Nicaragua, I had been focused on buying a house – now, I’m sure that’s not what I want.

A year ago, I took off for three weeks to Costa Rica. Part of starting this blog for me a) learn how to be more technologically-gifted and b) has been about looking back and reliving my memories, my trips, remembering the people I’ve met and the things I’ve done. I found a picture of my nephews and niece dropping me off at the airport – at their insistence – and it made me miss that feeling of excitement and wanderlust. And so I look ahead to this year and realize all the possibilities there are, all the things already planned and all the moments that I am looking forward too. It should be a summer of FIFA, festivals, food and fa-travelling. (Sorry, there was no F words for travelling)


my little snuggle-pies dropping me off. – it’s like 6:00 a.m.

May to June: FIFA! I am such a crazy fanatic of soccer and this year, with the women’s world cup being in Ottawa, I am signed up to volunteer, receive some sweet Adidas FIFA swag and see all the games. I am so excited!

July: Taylor Swift concert with my bestie! We are huge fans and we are so excited to go! I think I may try to squeeze in a trip to the West Coast and head out to Portland and Seattle with some bro friends of mine. Our reason for the trip? Food trucks, craft beers, bookstores and more food trucks. And a trip to a gin distillery for me!

End of July: Wayhome Music Festival with my brother. We’ve been looking at different festivals to attend and this one is it! Camping in Ontario for a few days, listening to Hey Rosetta! (love), Hozier (double love) and Sam Smith (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!).


My brother and I. We are quite older than this picture, but it’s one of my faves.

August: The most draining on my wallet. I have plans to tag along to my best friend’s cabin at the Jersey Shore and on my mom’s work trip to Halifax


Sam and I when she came to visit me in Europe – here we are at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

End of August: Hopefully I can swing a trip to Istanbul to visit my friend Hakan before school starts again.

October: ICELAND! With my mom and sister for two weeks. We’ve been planning on this trip for a while now, and since I am finishing up my graduate degree, I can only go during reading week.

November: Hopefully a trip to Nashville as a pre-wedding trip with my best friend.

December: El Salvador? Colombia? I’m not quite sure, but somewhere warm to wring in the new year.

Update July 2016: 

Did not go to Istanbul. Though I keep trying to plan it.

Did not go to Iceland. That is another one I keep trying to plan.

Did not go to Nashville. Though I will be going in August 2016.

Went to CUBAAAAAAA for three weeks! Somewhere warm and I brought in the new year with an amazing group of people.

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