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This is not about New Year’s Resolutions

Every year I make very vague New Year’s Resolutions. Actually, I only make one: learn to knit. The rest of my “resolutions” are what I call “Birthday Goals.” It’s a sneaky little way to actually do my resolutions.

Last year, I had some pretty big things on my list – move abroad, travel to three new countries, hit up a new territory or province, go on a helicopter ride and a few things that do not need to go on the Internet. I only went to two new countries (Cuba and Turkey) and I actually did hit up a new territory (Northwest Territories). I’m still currently in Canada and did not go to on a helicopter ride. But that’s ok. I just moved them to this year.

And I tried to help myself out a bit as well. I made some new goals, wrote them down in my planner and made them small and more manageable. Also, figured out a way to make them more realistic and really think ahead about what I could accomplish. Fun fact: these are all things that my coworker advises in his new venture:

So, here are some resolutions that I feel I can accomplish this year:

Visit a new territory and the remaining province I have left (I’m coming for you Newfoundland!)

Visit two or three new countries

Go on a helicopter ride

Go on a hot air balloon ride

Have a certain number in investments and savings (no need to reveal this)

Run a marathon

So fingers crossed, I keep these resolutions.

But as always, this post is not about resolutions. It’s about tacos.

One of my other resolutions is to explore more of my own city. I want to take advantage of the events and things that happen here. So of course, when Red Bull Crashed Ice came to Ottawa, I knew I had to attend. EVEN THOUGH IT WAS FREEZING. I was too cold to take photos so luckily, I took a photographer along with me. Ok, it was Matt. But he is a much better photographer than I am.


The set up was spectacular. The ambience was amazing. The sport itself is crazy. I just had so many questions. Like, how on earth do you get it into this sport? By the end, I was deeply invested in some of the competitors (so sad Scott fell in the finals) and really enjoyed the sport.

It was really cold so after a few hours of being outside, Matt and I headed inside to Sidedoor. It’s a really cute restaurant with exposed brick, gorgeous windows and wonderful paintings. We were there to try tacos and they did not disappoint. I had the sprouted dahl fritter and Matt had the chicken ones. We also split a Vietnamese pancake, because it looked interesting. It was delicious.


The tacos were small, but really good. I really wished there had been more.



But the best part of the whole meal were the donuts. They were dark chocolate and amazing. Maybe part of my resolutions should be to eat more donuts?



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