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This is not about football.

I don’t like hockey. There. I said it. It might be enough to lose my citizenship, I know. Canada = Hockey. I do watch it occassionally. Two of my friends have season tickets to the Ottawa Senators, our local NHL team. I love to watch the winter olympics and cheer on our hockey teams, mostly because they have been really exciting games! (See Women’s hockey team, Canada vs USA in 2014; Men’s hockey team, Canada vs USA in 2010.) But that’s about it. My preferred sport is football.

Ottawa finally got another football team! The RedBlacks have been quite successful in their short history, making it to the Grey Cup last year. (Grey Cup is Canada’s answer to the Super Bowl) Matt has season tickets and I’ve gone a few times, and I will be finishing out the season with my two brothers for my older brother’s birthday. It is wildly entertaining to go to these games. They really developed the area and it is home to chain restaurants, shopping and a ton of bars.


Once upon a time, about 10 years ago, my brother told me that we were New York Giants fans. My boyfriend at the time, sweet boy that he is, was a Panthers fan. But since blood is thicker than water and saliva, I followed my brother’s advice and have been a die-hard Giants fan for years. Below, you’ll see my attempts at brainwashing my niece and nephews. This year, I finally got into a fantasy football league and named my team after some of my favourite things: A Giants player, my favourite metal and spoons. Sterling Silver Spoons. Yes, I know I’m clever.


Every year, I look forward to watching the Panda Game; the football game between Carleton University and University of Ottawa. I am a Ravens through and through (although I can argue I could also be a Gee-Gees : that was my team name in high school and I did my master’s degree at Ottawa U). This year, Carleton convincingly took the title, beating Ottawa U 43-23. The previous two years saw much closer games. It’s my favourite sporting event and I look spending it with all my friends and brothers.



And finally futbol. When I visited London a few years ago, I picked up a scarf of a futbol team, not really knowing much about the league or team – I play soccer, I don’t necessarily watch it. So, I became a Tottenham fan by accident and it’s served me well. They went pretty far last year. But I only watch futbol with one of my friends and that is the same one I go to brunch with.


On my way home from my twice-weekly futbol games

So brunch. This is about brunch.

(I know, long way to get here.)

In our brunch quest, M and I decided to try Fraser’s Cafe. It is located in New Edinburgh and has been opened since 2008. It’s in the same neighbourhood as our Prime Minister’s residence so it’s pretty fancy. I drove by the Governor General’s residence on my way there and the grounds are just so lovely. We had read that there was usually a line-up, but when arrived (I am putting an emphasis on this, because as per usual, M was late) I was seated right away. It’s a quant looking spot, the tables were small and the bar was crowded with people.


Pancakes at brunch!

The coffee was really good. The menu is quite small, but they do focus on seasonal and local ingredients, which is always a hipster plus.






I had the whole wheat and yoghurt pancakes that came with whipped cream and peaches. M had the poached eggs and hollandaise and enjoyed them. The peaches were delicious (I love me some peaches) and the pancakes were ok. There was a TV behind us that was showing the soccer game and afterwards, we wandered to the Beechwood farmer’s market. I should spend more time in this neighbourhood; it is really adorable.


This is the most typical things to find at a farmer’s market

So verdict? Pretty good. I wouldn’t put it in my top 5 but I would recommend it to people living in that neighbourhood. On to the next brunch place!


Market essentials


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