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This is not about twitter.

My friend Matt thinks I don’t know how to use twitter properly. I probably don’t. I keep saying that I’m ‘twittering’ something and I forget to tweet for days on end. I also use really long links because I don’t know how to shorten them. Actually, I do now. My coworker literally just showed me how. I think the reason he thinks I don’t twitter properly is because I make up hash tags all the time that only I use. Examples:



Seriously, matching socks is an accomplishment

#itsnotreallycampingwhenitsinacabin (this one I admit is a bit mouthy)


It’s true. This isn’t camping.

#mustgetbetterplan    (come on, this one is good!)


To be honest, I am still looking for a fool-proof strategy

#moreyogalesswork   (really Lululemon, you haven’t used this? Really?)


Now that I think about it, a lot of my tweets are about food.

But the point of this little rant is to talk about tacos.

On days that I venture out to visit the Herb and Spice store, I always pass this little taco house. It looks super tiny next to a Greek restaurant (I think it’s Greek). And it smells so good. And I love tacos. Like really love tacos.

So, one day, after a particularly draining day at work, one where I just had no mental space to keep working and not hit anyone, I tweeted out to Matt that we needed get tacos.



I don’t know how that’s a not a hashtag everyone uses. But regardless, I couldn’t remember the street and we walked up quite a few blocks before figuring out how close it was to our offices.

The sign was adorable. They don’t take credit or debit. And the tacos were well worth the walk.


So cute.

So worth it, I almost went back in to get three more to eat at work. And then maybe another three for the bike ride home. I had the veggie ones. I really appreciated that they gave me chunks of avocados instead of just guacamole. Matt and I use this as a barometer for judging nachos. (Don’t worry Locals, you’re good.)



So, this is the spot if you are looking for good tacos off of Bank Street. It’s called Tacolots. Clever I know. And because I shouldn’t give out directions like, from my office, walk down three blocks, turn left, I looked up the address. Ya, I can use the Internet guys. It’s the corner of Bank and Nepean. Off to twitter shortened links!

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