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Snowboarding in my own backyard

I will confess that I cannot keep a new year’s resolution. This year, with that knowledge, I only created one: to learn how to knit. I roped in my knitting friends and asked them to teach me and to remind me every once in a while that I have asked for this.

Since my birthday falls near the end of the year, I make birthday goals. I list of things I want to accomplish before my next birthday. And one of those was to take a trip every month.

A few weeks ago, my best friend asked me if I wanted to go on a ski trip. Along with her coworkers, their family and friends, we rented a beautiful (IT WAS A FREAKING MANSION) cottage near Mont St-Sauveur, a wonderful ski hill in my own backyard, just two hours from my house. And it was the perfect weekend.


Snowboarding here!

Wine and great company, both young and old, a beautiful fireplace, a hot tub, a great meal and just a general sense that this was a perfect and much-needed weekend of relaxation. I snowboarded the best I ever have, following my best friend’s boss’ parents down black diamond hills and through gorgeous forest-lined paths. We made our way down the steps to the hot tub, mittens, hats and beers in hand and enjoyed the snow falling and the steam rising from the water.


We all left Sunday afternoon with the promise of returning in the summer time and a new favorite skill hill. And with that, my February trip has ended. As for March, since I may be doing two trips in April, I don’t think there will be any travel involved. But anything can happen.



Our wonderful cottage!


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