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Postcard A-Sending

When I was in Istanbul, a friend of mine mentioned that he would like to receive a postcard from me. And because this was in a group chat, the others quickly followed and asked for their own postcard. Thanks Adrian.

I jotted down their addresses and wandered around the Old Town, looking for postcards to send. And then I decided not to do that. A few years ago, when I was in Costa Rica, I had sent postcards to my nephews and niece and it had taken nearly two months to receive them! So I went online and looked for a place I can design my own postcards and send them. When I worked at Canada Post, I remembered that you could design your own stamps. I couldn’t remember if they designed their own postcards so I just googled Apps.


There was quite a few of them! I picked one I read had the best reviews: Touchnote.

There was a few options in buying postcards. I’m pretty sure I bought ten credits, which ended up being $2.69 each, for a total of $26.95. They have other options, with the more you buy, the cheaper the card. For example, twenty credits equals to $2.50 for each card, for a total of $49.95.


Since it was early on in my trip, I had taken a few photos. With Snapseed, I edited them and put them into the postcard.

Now, as per usual, my first postcard was rather dull. I used only one photo. Sorry Adrian! But for the others, I used the collage option.


And they were big hits! My brother couldn’t believe that this was an App who sent postcards. Matt’s parent’s were really impressed with the quality of the postcard. When I finally saw one of them, I couldn’t believe it either. It is gorgeous! The photos turned out amazing. The paper itself was really great.


So TouchNote is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to send out more postcards from my trip to Yukon. I still have five credits left. Who wants a postcard? 


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