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Pizza and Bars

It’s easy to see yourself in TV shows that focus on the lives of twenty-somethings living in a busy city. My friends and I fit this mould. Twenty-something. Lives in a city. Hangs out in bars. Have probably told each other that we should open a bar.

Ok, that might be where the similarities end. Some of us live at home. We don’t live above a bar. And we don’t spend everyday together. We have boring government jobs. Our loves lives aren’t as busy. (Like, not even close.) And we hang out at different bars and pizza places all the time. Why stick to one when you can explore them all? 

We hang out a lot on Elgin Street. Brunch. Bars. Pizza. Bank. Book store. Dolla store. You get the picture. It’s a much better area to hang out in. Less touristy, less 19-year-old-y. In the summer times, with their grand outdoor patios and setting sun, we spend a lot of time here.

Two years ago, I had one of the most memorable summers. There wasn’t a lot of travel like this summer, but it was just as exciting. It involved a lot of food. A lot of drinks. A lot of friends.

One of these places was Slice & Co. Now, in the summer time, you can linger on the patio and watch a deejay pretend to spin music. Most of my experiences at this place included late-night pizza runs since it is open to 3:00 a.m. But one day, as we talked about opening a bar, and moving to a new city, all the things restless twenty-somethings talk about, we went out to get pizza.

The flavours are endless. Pesto and mushrooms; herb-roasted chicken with blue cheese; brocolli and red onions. They are brought to you on a personalized pizza pan and you dig in. Sunsets and music, beer and friends.


I’m not a pizza connaisseur – I prefer to be an expert on tacos and brunch. But we all agreed that it was delicious and would require a return visit.





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