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Links and Stories and Life #7

America is afraid of ambitious women, even on TV – Such a well-written piece. I watch some of these shows – UNReal, The Good Wife, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and while I appreciate the characters in these shows, I have always had a bad taste in my mouth. That they would be so successful but it had to come at a cost – which is not the case with male characters. Great article.

Meet the lawyers who dropped everything to work for free rescuing airport detainees – This week has been such a crazy week in terms of politics. So glad there are wonderful people who will help and do this kind of work.

The data that turned the world upside down –  This read was both fascinating and terrifying at the same time. It explains how Trump and Brexit were able to happen. But it is also scary how well internet can accurately predict how we will act. I did the test mentioned in the article. Although I only have a few likes on facebook, they were able to predict, to a scary degree, my personality, my likes, gender and my political affiliations. FROM JUST 8 LIKES!

The Trump effect and the normalization of hate in Quebec R shared this in our group chat. Quebec has always been more right than most provinces – something about identity and politics. Good article in light of the horrific attack at the mosque in Quebec City.

How to make a tragedy fit your desired narrative I’m guilty of this too.

The Little-Known Passport that Protected 450,000 Refugees – It’s wonderful to think that someone can make such a difference with refugees. The influx of refugee is only getting worse and hopefully, it can be resolved quickly so people can stop suffering.

Currently reading: I had brought this book to Istanbul but hadn’t read it. So far, it’s really, really good! * 

*The Bro I met in Istanbul told me he thought it was hot when girls were so prepared. I’m starting to think he was being sarcastic.

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