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Links and Stories and Life #4

Since I belong to so many group chats, I often post links and stories that move me, that infuriate me and that inspire me. I often struggle to find those links again so I thought I could do a round-up of everything I read in a week. I also want to take a moment to post about something that happened, a great restaurant I tried, or plans for the weekend. 

Seth Meyers is going to tell you the truth, One Trump joke at a Time – I read a book by Ariana Huffington a while ago about how the media tries to be “fair” by giving each side equal time. That shouldn’t be the way the media operates. I much prefer Seth Meyer’s approach, “We try very hard to be fair. Some people believe fair is you have to make an equal amount of jokes about both sides,” he says. “That’s not our take on fair. Our take on fair is to say things that are true and that we can back up with fact.”

My President Was Black – The Atlantic is my favourite place to read news. This story is so beautiful. It’s wonderfully written. It tells a story that is so unique. It is a must read, knowing that in a few short weeks, a monster will be in the White House.

Female TV Writers Destigmatized Abortion in 2016 – Buzzfeed does great work sometimes and this article was really great. I watch two of the shows (Jane the Virgin and You’re the Worst) and I saw nothing wrong with their plotlines. I’m also delighted that women make up most of the writing room. And I certainly applaud this : “That’s correct — Lindsay, Xo, Paula, and Diane all felt fine about getting abortions, because women controlled the narrative. And there was no room for moral panic”.

The Man who Saved 200 Syrian Refugees – This story just made me cry. I’m so happy to know there are people like this man in Canada.

The Man Who Cleans up After Plane Crashes – I never really thought about what happens to people’s belongings after a plane crash or any type of accident. It really made me think about the items I travel with.

The widowhood effect: What’s it like to lose your spouse in your 30s – Beautifully written and made me cry buckets.


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