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Links and Stories and Life #3

Since I belong to so many group chats, I often post links and stories that move me, that infuriate me and that inspire me. I often struggle to find those links again so I thought I could do a round-up of everything I read in a week. 

Lainey is yours in Gossip – It’s an interesting article about celebrity gossip. I like how she uses gossip to push forth different ideas and experience. Would she be as popular if she didn’t write about gossip? Who knows? Also, I love that she is Canadian. I did not know that.

Best Trips 2017Both National Geographic and Lonely Planet have rated Canada as one of the top destinations, which makes me so incredibly proud as it is my top destination! The Western Balkans hike looked pretty incredible too.

Living In Canada Is A Privilege, Not A Consolation Prize: R shared this one. It’s so fitting though. For everyone who wants to move to Canada, we have certain values and laws. It’s a privilege to live here, not a right. It’s not something you choose to do spur of the moment. And if you think you are entitled to move to another country when you don’t agree with the politics, you must allow others to move to your country because they don’t agree with theirs.

Eight Women in LoveI wasn’t sure what this was when I started reading but I found it fascinating. It’s an interesting look at the women in the lives of the most evil men in history and how they came to fall in love.

Gilmore Girls: A Millennial Story Come Full Circle: R makes fun of the nostalgia element to being a millennial and most of them, I disagree with him. But this one, ya. Pure nostalgia. I’ve rewatched Gilmore Girls recently and have come to hate Rory and her ignorance of her entitlement. But I can’t wait to watch it this weekend.

I’m headed to Istanbul next week so I’ve been reading these two wonderful books. Istanbul sounds like such a mystery. 


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