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Links and Stories #1

Since I belong to so many group chats, I often post links and stories that move me, that infuriate me and that inspire me. I often struggle to find those links again so I thought I could do a round-up of everything I read in a week. If I Sleep for an hour, 30 people will die I stumbled upon this while reading a story on the problems in the global economy and it humbled me. I watched Sarah Kaminsky’s Ted Talk and ordered the book. Currently, the world is going through another war. One that relies heavily on human beings crossing borders. I thought this to be very fitting. I’m excited to read the book.


My Father the forger – Sarah’s Ted Talk was wonderful as well. It was filmed in Paris in 2010 and has a special appearance. There are subtitles.

A history of Pedro and the Panda Game  – Every year, I attend the famed Panda Game between Carleton University and University of Ottawa. Yes, both schools are actually fighting over a Panda.

Anna Kendrick: He’s just not that interesting: I love Anna Kendrick and I totally relate to her story. There’s always that one guy who just seems like he could be interested in you. If you were willing to change everything about yourself.

When tech firms judge on skills alone, women land more job interviews – It’s always jarring to see experiments that reflect what women know is true. Once the names of the individuals and their background of 5,000 candidates were removed, 54% of those chosen for an interview were women. When their names were on their resumes? 5%.

Stat– Long read. Worth the time and effort. I strongly believe in the health properties of a good diet. I refuse to accept that you can’t treat your illnesses with both modern medicine and food. This woman worked hard to get the medical profession to even look at alternative remedies for MS.

Five Hostages: David Bradley, a Washington D.C man who owns the The Atlantic, attempts to rescue the hostages held in Syria. Heartbreaking.


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