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This is not about Lansdowne.

I love tacos. I’ve offered to pay for services using tacos. And while my life can sometimes be boring, in that I will sit at home and read, or I will sit at home and watch 6 hours of Netflix because a series on the Royal family came out and I had to watch it immediately, sometimes I get to do fun stuff.


I have hundreds of pictures of tacos in my phone.

Lansdowne stadium is the re-vamped and fancy updated and renovated stadium that we got to house the Ottawa RedBlacks and the Ottawa Fury, our pro football team and our semi-pro soccer team. It’s where I spent most of June volunteering at the FIFA Women’s World Cup and it’s where we spend a lot of time watching games, grabbing drinks and brunch-ing it up.


The view from the top.

It’s where you get the ultimate, ultimate movie-going experience.


This is part of it. The ultimate movie experience.

Since I work on Kent street (in Ottawa), it’s easy for us (Matt and I) to walk down Bank Street (In Ottawa) and hang out at Lansdowne. And so to watch Amy Schumer’s new movie, we decided to do the ultimate movie experience.


The stadium is the back building

I feel like no other words but the ultimate movie experience will adequately describe it so I will constantly use that term. Sorry.


Ultimate movie-going experience.

Anyways, we love Amy Schumer. We widely share her videos with our #WolfPack and Matt’s mom loves them. I showed my co-worker the one about dogsĀ and she thought it was hysterically accurate, since her dog suffers from anxiety.

So, we walked down Bank and stopped at the Burrito Shack.

TACOS. This post is about tacos.

They were pretty good. I wouldn’t rank them as high as Tacolots but they were still fairly decent. The sauce I got was quite spicy and the menu seemed a bit confusing – but Mexican fries were good (except it took forever) and they didn’t have enough avocados. But still pretty good.


Good. Very good. Not the best. but a worthy opponent.

And then off to the Ultimate Movie Experience. Matt had already gotten our tickets so we zipped upstairs to the bar. YES THERE IS A BAR AT THE MOVIE THEATHRE! I think I had two or three mixed drinks and they were both delicious. Cold. Fruity. Alcohol-y.


Just beyond the doors, it’s the movie theatre. This place is magical.

From the bar, we walked down the hall to the movie screen. You have assigned seats so we headed to the last row and then someone comes and asks you if you want to order more stuff! Gin and Tonic for us with a side of churros. Turns out, that’s the best way to watch Amy Schumer. With a gin and tonic. And churros.


Cold. Fruity. Wonderful. And a cameo from my favorite map-scarf and tattoo

Special thanks to Matt for all the pictures. As per usual, my phone was dead.

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