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Jaco-bound. Surf’s up.

It was time. It was time to surf in Costa Rica. Isn’t that why we came here? Because I have no pictures from this trip. But Jaco!


So here is an inspirational message from our hostel in Montezuma – to make up for our no-picture-city-break.

A quick taxi ride across the water and we had arrived in Jaco. We met up with Julia, our friend from our first night in Costa Rica and stayed at the delightful Buddha Hostel, a recommendation from a fellow traveller. The hostel was on Jacco’s main road, and just two blocks from the beach. This was more of a tourist town than anything else. We spent hours sitting in the pool, took walks to the grocery store and actually cooked meals! We would have mango, papaya, bananas and pineapples for breakfast. We would cook pasta. We had weird sangria which was basically boxed wine and whatever fruit juice we had one hand. The kitchen at this hostel was lovely and apart from a very miserable Englishman who had us almost convinced that leaving the house ever was not worth it, it was pure bliss.


Our weird sangria mix

We spent a day surfing. Julia and I had already done some surfing ( WHO WAS I KIDDING? THE OCEAN IS NO MATCH FOR ME!) so we just rented some boards and attempted to catch waves. Gwen had a lesson, which in hindsight, probably should have done too. And because it’s a small place, we would end up seeing her surf instructor in Manual Antonio.


I think we surfed here. Maybe.

So, surf. Pool. Dinner. Grocery store runs. Clubbing. This is Jaco in a nutshell.

One bar we went to was ladies night. Which means ladies did not pay to drink. Which meant I don’t think I remember much of what happened at these bars. One of the clubs was right next to our hostel, which was convenient for stumbling home.


This adorable guy lived there.

A fave memory? As Julia and I stumbled out of the club, we bumped into two guys. Cue us walking around the town (Ya, Jaco is not big, so who knows what we were doing) trying to find a place that would sell alcohol and hearing wildly interesting stories from these two. Like I think we were just astounded by the amount of garbage spewing out of their mouths. I should have told them straight-up that we weren’t interested but it made for a comical evening.


Ya. We did. I think. Who knows?!

Look, Jaco was nice. It was pleasant. I think I’ve alluded to this before, but Costa Rica wasn’t without its personal problems and they kind of appeared a bit in Jaco. But it was nice enough to spend a few days of just being normal and doing normal things. It’s hard to put into perspective, but walking to the grocery store to pick up sunblock can be nice. Just nice.

It was time for the last stop in our tour. Off we went to catch a bus to Manuel Antonio!


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