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This is not about becoming a cultural icon.

I am a television jinx and a pop culture junkie. Most of the shows I love end up getting cancelled. Covert Affairs. Tow of a Kind. Happy Endings. Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23. Mixology. Veronica Mars. Sense a pattern?

In Happy Endings, my favourite personality was Max Bloom, a 30-something “Fresh new take on the gay guy” or as Penny said “you’re a straight guy who likes dudes.” This might be my favourite line of all times: ”Okay, one, I love how you used my name as a verb. Big part of becoming a cultural icon, which you know is a goal of mine. Two, you shut your whore mouth!”

Most people know that I have quite a few lofty goals. One, own or have a bakery known as the “Isabelle” bakery Two, become a governor of a board. If that fails, become a senator. And three, have my name used as a verb or action and become a cultural icon, 

Recently, I attended a wedding of my two very dear friends, Alex and Megan. They are absolutely perfect. They also tried, in vain, to fulfil a romantic wish of mine. Boy, are they going to be surprised when they smash open their wine bottle full of advice.* But they also fulfilled another, sort of, wish. I was seated at a table with some wonderful friends and a-sorta-old-friend-in-that-we-met-years-ago-because-she-was-my-friends-rooommate-and-we-have-each-other-on-facebook friend. I thought this girl was so cool. She had travelled all over the world, on her own, with friends, climbed Mount Kiliminjaro and had recently gone to Turkey! Since I am heading there in a few weeks, I asked her for advice, recommendations and overall experience. I love, love hearing about other people’s travels.

The friend who was listening asked me how I afforded all my trips and how he wished sometimes he could do as many. What we know of you, Izzy, is that you travel.


The second instant of something similar was when my friend from grad school texted me to say she pulled an “Isabelle.” She had spontaneously booked a flight to Calgary to visit a friend. Her first trip on her own. I was ecstatic. I was practically bouncing off the walls and wished I had any advice or recommendations to give her. My experience in Calgary was limited to a road trip with my family and a rather unfortunate romantic trip.

The third proudest moment was when M told me he decided to book a trip to Costa Rica and asked me for advice. I loved my time in Costa Rica, even if that trip had a devastating friendship outcome. Funny enough, M was a mutual friend of ours. I lent him my battered copy of the Lonely Planet Costa Rica book, a dry bag and told him what to expect.

Cultural icon

Helllo Costa Rica!

So, three experiences of people pulling an “Isabelle” or wishing they could. I consider goal #3 accomplished. I am now a cultural icon. Max Bloom, you and I are soulmates.

So, since M is my brunch buddy, I think you can see what this post is about.

Brunch. This post is about brunch.

Both M and I have been out of town a lot these past few weeks, or we both had prior commitments. Thankfully, we had time to see each other before he took off for Costa Rica. We chose Baker’s Street Cafe, on Richmond Road in Westborough. We had heard this was a top spot in Ottawa for brunch and that there is often a line.



There was. Though, when you are a two-person group, one of you can leave while the other waits. I wandered off the The Piggy’s Market to grab some french herb goat cheese and M went to Second Cup for some snacks.Also, the owners of the Cafe went around with mini banana bread bites, which tasted amazing.

cultural-icon-4   cultural-icon-3

The cafe is covered in music memorabilia, and signs belonging to the London Tube. It was cozy. Behind the main counter were a bunch of sofas that saw a group of people gathered around, eating their brunch off a small coffee table.


I ordered banana pancakes and a side of home friends. M ordered egg florentine. It was ok. The portions were huge! I barely could finish my pancakes. I found the pancakes a bit too sweet. The coffee was amazing. I loved that it was bottomless coffee. I would have drank the whole thing.













So, a little disappointed – we had high hopes for this brunch spot.

On to the next one! Have a great time in Costa Rica!

*Megan and Alex: If you read this, you may think I am kidding. But I’m not.

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