I travel in pink

a very merry un-birthday to you!

My birthday goal of this year was to take a trip every month. I went to Nicaragua and Costa Rica in December-January, headed to the slopes of Saint-Sauveur in February and went to Toronto for the weekend in April. I was a little bummed about March before realizing that I actually had been on a trip! A short weekend winter-camping trip at a community centre in far-flung Kars, Ontario.*

I am a girl-guide leader for one of the brownie units in Nepean. I had joined because my friend needed a replacement but I ended up really enjoying it. My brownie girls are the cutest, funniest, friendliest and most curious little 7-8 years old I’ve ever met.

Our weekend was an Alice in Wonderland extravaganza, themed a very merry un-birthday. And as we wrote out everyone’s actual birthday, we discovered that none of us (our girls + another unit’s) had a birthday in March! A perfect time to celebrate!

My group was the spades and the girls came up with a pretty good song, to the tune of Happy Birthday, completed with kick-ass jazz hands! Our various activities included making a hat, making a caterpillar charm for the hat and making and decorating rice crispy squares in the shape of cards. We watched the movie and settled down to sleep. The next day, we tried to make a life-size checkers board but to no avail, so we let the girls paint the snow, and finished the weekend with a tea party.

So, I can successful cross off March. It might not be the most glamorous trip, but I did roll out my sleeping bag, travelled to somewhere new, wandered around the grounds of the conservation area and had a great time.


*not actually far-flung. I just think anything outside of Ottawa that i. It was actually only 45 minutes away

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