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Turning 27

This year is going to be quite special. I will spending my 27th birthday in Istanbul! Checking off country #19 and reuniting with an old friend from my Trento days. In fact, I’m probably there now, in my fancy hotel, ready to spa, wander and explore. Happy 27th birthday to me!


Hakan and I dancing it up in Sicily!

I turned 27 doing some of my favourite things. Traditions l hold dear to my heart. I checked out Nature Nocture with my best friends and family. It’s my favourite event to go to. It doesn’t hurt that the Museum of Nature is my favourite building in Ottawa. (HOT DAMN, I have a lot of favourite things!)



My birthday always falls on the weekend of the Grey Cup and it’s a nice time to watch the game, hang out with my nephew and niece and play soccer.┬áMy beloved RedBlacks actually WON! I cannot believe they pulled it off but you can bet that I am so proud and excited!

Last year, I turned 26 over the weekend and spent four absolutely wonderful days doing all of my favorite things with all of my favorite people. This year, I’m on a plane. So, for your reading pleasure, here are some things I’ve learned in my 27 years.

Don’t apologize for what you do, for what you want or for what you need: If you feel like you to justify anything you’re doing, rethink who you’re with.

Pride comes from within. If you are proud of your accomplishments, those are all the accolades you need. Anything else won’t mean anything, even if you think it will.

People travel differently. No one is right or wrong. There is no shame in not travelling with a friend if you know it won’t go well. This is your trip. Your moment. Make it worth it.

Send thank you cards, notes, messages: small gestures mean so much.

Don’t apologize for your past. It made who you are. If someone makes you feel bad for what you’ve done, they are the problem. Not you. **

Ice cream is best consumed in large quantities.

Never underestimate the power of a good drink.

Best friends are like family – you always know the ones that are going to stick around forever. Hold on to them. They will be your lifelines.

Spending an entire day in a hot tub, overlooking the mountains and talking with your best friends may be the actual best way to spend an entire day.

Tacos. Specifically the ones from El Caminos that are preceded by nachos and margaritas.


27 27-margaritas


Tacos at Brunch. I just feel both of these things are important.

I’m glad I know my mom so well – she drives me nuts sometimes, but that is the price of love.

I strongly believe you can have more than one soulmate. I have quite a few, people who belong to me and who I belong with. They are not romantic, but they are great loves of my life.

Read as much as you can. Different genres, fiction, non-fiction, travel, science. It makes you a more empathetic person.

If you are strongly moved by something, volunteer. Tons of places require time and money. You have both. Use them well.


Well, that’s about all the advice and life lessons I can give. Check in a few years. I’ll probably know even less.

Happy birthday to me!

**I mean, if you’ve killed puppies for fun, or run over old people for sport, ya, you’re probably a bad person. But if you dated around and the person you’re with is weirded out by that, then they are the problem. You shouldn’t be ashamed of what you’ve done.


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