I travel in pink

Writing for warmth

I am just the worst. The very worst at this writing consistenly thing.

Life happens and you lock yourself up in your apartment and eat ice cream. The blog dropped but I never did stop writing.

I didn’t know how to write my last year of trips because I am struggling to separate them from my personal life. So I decided to wash it all away with some free tequila and start anew.

And by new, I mean by my trip to Mexico City. IT IS ALREADY WRITTEN! *I wrote it while waiting an ungodly amount of time in the airport. I felt inspired. And I wrote and wrote and wrote. Mexico City saved my soul just when I needed it.

Fear not, though. I have been writing. I am anxious when I think about the memoir/book I am working on and I think some of those stories will be saved for that. In that book, you will be able to read about my weird obsession with goats, my adventures in Paris and Poland as a non-single woman in Europe (for once!) and answering the age-old question: can you use a travel insurance website to find out if your ex cheated on you?**

Here it is

On the day before the midterm election (of which I am emotionally attached too, even though I am not voting since I live in Canada), I thought I would put my paper (err…. keyboard) my apologies and my sincere wish to keep this blog going, no matter the personal drama in my life.

Here are some photos from the past couple of months. Turns out, I crammed so much into those perfect autumn days. Panda game. Wedding. New baby. I successfully planned a surprise birthday! Pumpkins!

I promise, Mexico City is coming. Camping. Weekend trips and maybe if you are lucky, you get an advanced copy of the memoir.

Here’s hoping for a blue wave.

Hasta luego!


But first thing first – I chopped off 7 to 8 inches of hair and got rid of all the blonde! And this beautiful little angel came into my life. She is perfect and lovely and I am beyond thrilled for her parents.

Writing I got a bit too cocky and my team lost. It was devastating. 


Bright side – my annual panda reunion with this beauty.


I spent most of August and September (and most of October) packing and re-packing my suitcase for trips and weekends away. I think Hummus was trying to send me a message. We’re staying put for a while.


My one true love came to visit Ottawa – ❤️ Hozier


Three people who love me very much took me to look at pumpkins.


My boos ❤️❤️❤️❤️






*Ok, I just really miss The Hills.

**The answer is shockingly, yes!



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