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Not a review but a few lessons learned: 2017

There are four days left until the end of 2017 and I am hiding out in my apartment. I cannot handle any more surprises, any more shocking news, any new beginnings or endings. I went out today to get shawarma with my cousin and I am back at my counter, eating garlic potatoes and drinking wine. In my sweatpants. They smell like winter, because I wore them skating through the woods with a boy who came to visit me for Christmas. Which, again, was a shock to me.


He is actually thrilled with taking a photo.

What can I say? I am a great host.

I have a bunch of blogs posts about my trips in the last two months of 2017, but things kept happening that changed the tone of the articles. So I held off. Waited until things settled.


Yes, this is me making my dog play cards. He loves it, I promise.

So, instead of writing my year in review, since I haven’t really posted what happened, I decided to just take stock of the past 12 months and figured out if there was anything I learned. From 2017 comes 10 lessons.

10 things. Here they are:


  1. Always wear mascara when going out. You never know what will happen.
  1. See more mountains. Spend more time outside. Go hiking. Drive around a peninsula. Send your brother to the dungeon. The outdoors is where you belong. You need that breath of fresh air.



  1. If a boy tells you that he doesn’t see anything romantic with you on your first date, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT KISS HIM.


  1. In the same breath, actions speak louder than words.



Thank goodness for best friends, family and traditions.

  1. If a job doesn’t feel right on the first day, it probably won’t get better. Do not feel guilty about looking for something else. Fit is important. It’s necessary. And a good manager won’t make you feel shitty about it. I felt horrible this fall when I had to quit a job I had just started but it wasn’t for me and I felt it in every fibre of my being. So I looked for something else. And I found it. I am much happier now.  My colleagues are awesome. I feel challenged. And there are some interesting opportunities ahead that I am looking forward too. Plus, it’s a closer commute for me. So bonus!


  1. No matter how experienced of a traveller you are, double-check the airport you are flying out of. And don’t freak out. There are worse places in the world to be stuck in. Paris is a great city. Especially around Christmas time.


  1. Don’t let text messages bring you down.


  1. After a break-up, get new sheets. Preferably flannel.


  1. Always be specific about the gifts you want.



150 wishes for Canada’s 150th. I wished for a pony and I still haven’t gotten it. Come on 2017. You have four days left to deliver.

  1. Be open. Say yes. Take chances. Sometimes it will suck. You might end up crying a lot this year. And you might panic. You might call your friends in moments of weaknesses and question all your life choices. But 2017 has been a crazy, chaotic year and hopefully, it means something even better and bigger will happen.


As a bonus, take lots of photos. Please.



Like these photos. Where my niece was super excited to wear glasses like mine.

The year of 2018 might be full of surprises. I hope they are softer on my heart.


And meet this spawn! So excited for these two to deliver their bundle of joy. And it will be a great start to 2018 if baby arrives in January.

And as customary, I have made a list of birthday goals. Helicopter ride, marathon, finish the book I have been writing for years, blog posting every week and finally getting allergy testing. I really want to learn Spanish and do 10 pull-ups by the end of the year. I’ve done a lot of planning already to make sure I can actually accomplish all of these things. So here’s hoping. For a better, more fruitful, wonderful, less chaotic year. A lot of heart-healing. For a lot of adventures.


And watching this babes of mine drag heavy branches and tell me how much stronger than she is than her uncle.

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