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How is my heart? Part Two (and travel plans update!)

Guys. I don’t know what’s happening.

Did something happen over the summer? Were the moons out of sync?  Am I secretly on a giant roller coaster and no one told me?

I was so fearful when writing this. Summer ended and I was concerned about any more surprises coming my way.

How is my heart right now?

It’s gone through a range of emotions in only a few shorts weeks that I have whiplash. Like legit whiplash. So many things happened in one week alone that I am struggling to understand them.

That boy I had talked about in the first part? The one where we walked around the city and made out under the stars? He got hit by the ghost train. (This has certainly made me feel better.) I should have known. He was a Gemini. And it turns out, it didn’t matter. There was something even better about to happen.

Thanks Panos for introducing me to this! (Also, thanks for texting the ghost “R U Ded?”)

At the beginning of this year, I had three main goals. One of them was completed, but it wasn’t the right choice for me. One of them is ongoing and the other. Well, that one has surprised me.

The first one had to do with finding a new job, one that was fulfilling and in my field and lead to growth. A very special someone asked me, weeks ago, what kind of job I was looking for. I responded with this:

dream job: something having to do with research. Something in politics, where I’m constantly challenged, constantly in motion, writing.

I had accepted a position at another Crown Corporation and realized it wasn’t the right fit for me. There was a job posting for another job that had what I was looking for, plus things to learn. I had interviewed with this organization for another role months ago and didn’t get the position, but had kept them in mind as a place I would like to work. Well, I guess things happen for a reason because I officially accepted a position with them and have been there for a month!

And I love it.


The second goal was about fitness, which I am so happy that I have gotten into a routine.


And the third goal? A bit of a secret one for right now. Which leads me to my travel plans!

Whenever I have a job interview and they ask me what my weaknesses are (Eastern Europeans, a man who smells nice and has rough hands, cookie dough ice cream, a good book, an unbelievable travel deal, peanut butter), I always respond the same way. I tend to jump into things really quickly, out of excitement or anticipation and often overlook small details. But then I follow up with something along the lines that I’ve trained myself to take a moment, take inventory of my tasks and work out the details.

Clutch, right?

That feeling of impatience, of rushness, of a need to do something right away extends to my personal life. I booked a flight this month because it was cheap. I stayed up all night to finish a book. I eat pasta that is slightly under-cooked.


Is not my friend. But I am trying. So, due to the job change, I didn’t have an option to take any vacation time or trips since that wonderful five day weekend in Newfoundland. But I got tired of waiting around. Secretflying.com announced a flight deal to El Salvador so I booked it, and will spend two weeks in Central America (one of my absolute favourite regions) in February. Then, there was an error fare and I booked a round-trip ticket to Paris for less than $200. Hello, spending my 28th birthday in France! Last weekend, I went to Newfoundland, booking a long weekend in St. John’s. As per usual, November is the best month and this year will be no exception. It just feels so right that my last trip, before the craziness and upheaval, was in Newfoundland, and it is my first trip since.

That felt better. Sorry credit card.

Last quarter of 2017: Bring it on.

** It seems ironic that this gif is one of a girl putting a pin on San Juan (but our hair looks similar (well, before it was dyed)) because I had to cancel my Puerto Rico trip last year because of a kidney infection.


***that’s the definition of irony right? I only know from Alanis Morisette.


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