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Happy 150th Canada!

Canada Day in Ottawa might just be my favourite event to ever take place in this city. And I know, I say this all the time. But it’s true. Canada Day in Ottawa is spectacular, no matter the weather.

And this year was no exception. Look at those happy faces. As always, the nice photos are from Matt. Twenty minutes later, we hid in a hotel because there was SO MUCH RAIN!

Photo de Matt O'Brien.

Canada is my favourite country to visit, my favourite country to explore and talk about. I love my home and my cities. Really, I love everything about this place.

I could write an article talking about the 150 things I love about Canada. But that would be long and I don’t have that many photos and everyone would be annoyed by the sheer amount of GIFs I would put into this. Especially this one.

I could probably list 150 Canadians that I know and love, from actors and musicians and bands, to strangers I’ve met in every province and territory (except for Nunavut – I’m coming for you! Can you please lower the flight prices?) but there would be a disproportionate amount of boys I’ve met abroad. Plus, I would probably forget some of my family members and friends and they would get mad, even though they probably don’t read this. And it would just be a mess.

So how do I do this? How do I convey how much I love this great country? How many reasons should I list to make you realize that Canada really is the greatest place on Earth?

Let’s try to break it down.


This is the last province I visited and it is absolutely amazing. The views, the icebergs, the people, the hot doctor living in St. John’s. Everything you could possible want.

Photo de Isabella Lambert.

Nova Scotia

East Coast is the best coast. Halifax is such a darling city, and the second largest harbour in the world. The music is always playing, the beaches are spectacular and Lunenburg is a gorgeous piece of history.

Photo de Isabella Lambert.

Prince Edward Island 

If I could visit here every summer, I would. My favourite hockey player, Dion Phaneuf makes his way here after every season and I can see why. The people are so friendly, the beaches are red and plentiful and I drank moonshine from a bottle with duct tape indicating XXX from a native Islander. Heaven on Earth.

Photo de Isabella Lambert.

New Brunswick

It is my belief that every province in Canada should be bilingual. New Brunswick is the only one that is. I’ve driven here on numerous family trips and moved my best friend here when he had broken his collar bone. I have so many memories from here and I can’t wait to go back.


Home sweet home. Proudly French. Home to some of the most spectacular mountains, national parks, cities and towns. I am beyond proud to be from this great province. It has its issues for sure, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I learned how to snowboard on the biggest mountain we have and a few years later, my brothers and I completed our first Spartan Race at Tremblant!


I haven’t visited enough of Ontario because of its size but it’s a great place. From Thunder Bay to Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and Niagara Falls, I’ve taken some very memorable trips around this province. I hope to check out Prince Edward County and Bruce Penisula National Park soon. Even tiny towns like Oro-Medonte are worth the visit.


I will admit, my experience of Manitoba is simply driving through it. But I have plans to visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and to see the polar bears in Churchill. Plus, I’d love to go back to Winnipeg – I heard it’s delightfully weird.


My proudest moment is knowing how to spell it. Again, one of those provinces I’ve only driven through. I know my friend Jason might end up there for a few weeks so I can’t wait to visit more.


I think Alberta and British Colombia are the two provinces that people are most familiar with. I can’t blame them. The Rockies are a stunning natural phenomenom and the views are breathtaking. I can’t wait to go and actually snowboard down those hills.

British Colombia

It’s where I first learned how to surf. The final destination of an epic family trip across the country. It’s beautiful, and full of wonderful parks, cities and landscapes. And I heard that the vegan food scene is to die for.


My best friend Francis wants to retire here. And I can see why. Beautiful landscapes, weird cities and stunning views. Everyone should go North at least once.

Photo de Isabella Lambert.

Northwest Territories

My first Northern experience. I am so thankful for the opportunity to visit my best friend here. It was a great trip and SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD!

Photo de Isabella Lambert.

And as for the people? Well, this is my family.

Photo de Isabella Lambert.

And this is my best friend during one of our downtown Canada days.

Photo de Isabella Lambert.

And this is another Ottawa tradition. With another best friend.

Photo de Isabella Lambert.

And Jason and I climbed to the top of a mountain this Canada day, to try and catch the sunrise and sing O’Canada with a bunch of strangers.

And my cousin and I recently got into paddling sports.

Fact: For every selfie you take, you drift twenty metres.

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And sometimes there is snow when we watch our beloved football team.

Rain. Hail. Thunder. Wind. And now snow. Finally hit bingo. #thisiscanadianfootball #redblacks #eastfinal

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This is my Canada. I have 150+ reasons why I love this place. I hope you find 150 reason too.




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