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Dancing in September, never was a cloudy day

Say do you remember the (30th) of September? *

And on and on.

September was such a crazy month!

Yes, I am going back into my memories to finally fill in the blanks of my blog. It’s been awhile. What can I say?

So September. Or maybe I should talk about my small camping trip with my family in August? Or the epic 25 hours I put together for a special visitor? Ok, maybe I’ll do both.

So September.

Well, as per usual, I missed being in school. I leven looked up PhD programs since I missed going to classes, debating theories, learning about things I won’t use again. .

Two big things happened in September and they happened in the same week. So I spent about 4 days, not at home. Let me tell you; I missed my bed by Sunday. All I wanted to do was crawl into it. I needed a break from being “on” if that makes any sense. I still had family obligations and I only got home late. So that made for a very cranky start to October.

But alas.

My best friend got married! And I was absolutely thrilled, honoured and amazed that I asked to be a groomsman. That meant going to the bachelor party where we went white water rafting and that absolutely terrified me.

No pictures.


Except this one, in which Shawn is clearly thrilled with me.

And then a week later, he was married. I absolutely loved the night before where all the groomsmen hung out, drank and chatted. We got brunch the next day, I went and got my hair and makeup done with the girls and got dressed with the guys. It was such a special day already and the wedding was absolutely wonderful. It was strange to see some of my high school friends but also really lovely.


Look how cute this! ***


Just adorbs!


Yes, I cried during the ceremony.


Fireplace at the end of the night was amazing

The next day, I had a hungover breakfast with my cousin and checked out the gardens behind my place with Alex and Megan. I also got dressed and went and did an Escape Room. We were with four strangers and THEY WERE THE WORST. Honestly, they were horrible. Maybe because I am a bit spoiled- I do escape rooms with my family and we absolutely crush it. But these girls were terrible. One screamed every time there was a bit of a noise. Needless to say, we did not escape.


No one else I would hungover walk through a garden with… yes, I am a creep

The next day was the Annual Panda Game! And yes, we go hard. Panda Game day begins with a boozy brunch, followed by walking to the game. We made our way to Local’s at Lansdowne where we had additional drinks. We were smart this year. As we were running late, Panos had the brilliant idea of looking at the waitress and telling her: bring us two of whatever we ordered and bring the bill.


Two of everything please!



So, we head to the game. And it was a nail biter. Oh my goodness.  It was insane. Now, its hard for me to admit this but I can be quite obnoxious. I spent most of the year annoying my Ottawa U friends that their team is terrible and that Carleton was going to win.


Honestly, I just think this photo is hilarious. #twodayoldwedding hair


I spent a lot of weeks leading up to the game annoying the shit out of my friends. I am awful. And for the first time, I really thought I would have to eat my words. Ottawa U almost won that game and I’ve never been so stressed in my entire life.***


But its a happy ending for me!

As per usual, once the game ended, we walked over to our friend’s Jenelle’s place, drank some more, partied until the late hour of 8:00 p.m., watched Power Rangers, ate shawarma and revelled in our fourth successful Panda Game day adventures.


One happy Carleton fan! Two happy Ottawa U fans (why are they happy?!)

Until next September that is.


Some of my favourite people in the whole world. #Back4More

Like I said. September is a wonderful time. This is one of the those traditions that I treasure most of all.


October wasn’t bad at all either.


*Ok, those aren’t the exact lyrics.

** I would really appreciate it if you someone could teach me how to tie a tie.

***This is clearly a lie, but go with it.

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