I travel in pink

Well, it’s been awhile

I looked at the last time I wrote a post on here and folks, it’s been awhile.  Like almost a year.

Wistfully looking at my old posts

There are a million reasons why.

I got busy. I went from one job to another. I dated a wonderful guy. I didn’t travel as much. I have been writing a book (kind-of). Babies were born (not mine). I tried to do yoga more often.

I took moody photos on boats.

Don’t be alarmed – I did travel some. I returned to Newfoundland and fell in love even more with the province, so much that I seriously contemplated moving out there. For my birthday, I flew to Paris and Poland, visiting my brother in Krakow, seeing an old friend in Warsaw and reliving heartbreak at Auschwitz. I played tour guide around my wonderful home, showing off hikes and ski hills and restaurants and bars that have been intertwined into the fabric of my day-to-day existence. There was a romantic four day road trip around Lake Ontario, where it rained. I went camping with my newest little love. Some of my favourite people took me to Perth, Ontario and tried to convince me to move out there with them. I went to Montreal and Toronto and my brother’s campsite and thought about the upcoming changes in my life.

On a more personal note, I felt ready for a new phase and it sadly didn’t work out.

But no fear! When it comes to heartbreak, the best way to move on is to buy a flight.


Is there a more fitting buying-a-flight photo than this?

Especially when you have insomnia and its $400 to get to Lebanon. My cat’s name is Hummus. Where else would I spend my champagne birthday?

So here are some photos from Canada day, all taken by Matt of course. Last year on Canada Day, we thought to ourselves, ya, these fireworks are cool from the 10th floor. But what if we were on a boat? And yes friends, we made it on to a boat for Canada Day. Dreams really do come true! If Matt plans them, buys the tickets, shows up at your place to watch the FIFA game before meeting up with J. With my two faves, a bunch of beer, excruciating heat and a twinge of sadness.

My friends know me way too well.

One day, J and I will be in a photo where neither of us are sticking out our tongues.

Rideau Falls beauty of a shot

Post-tour, pre-fireworks, pre-pre WP reunion.

I’ve decided to actually get back into this since i have bunch of trips coming up this year and I have been looking at re-designing and learning how to code websites! A return to Halifax! Mexico City! Edmonton! Quebec City! Lebanon! And a long wishlist and a plan for my 30th birthday next year. Which, let’s face it, will probably be changed once I find a flight deal. It will be awhile, so I’ll hold off on making plans.

My little blurb on Canada; this year, I feel extra fortunate that this is where I live.


I romanticize my trips abroad quite a bit but it was in Canada that I felt quite brave and adventurous. More so than anywhere else. I hope I never get tired of exploring this place. I hope I keep falling for cities and provinces and towns and lakes and rivers that make up this country. It’s the only place I want to melt in.

So here goes. I travel in Pink take two.

Off to the future I go!


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