I travel in pink



 Well, I really like the color pink. I like to solve crime. I’m not good at it, but I don’t think that’s a requirement. I needed a place to keep all my memories, funny stories and to call my own. I guess that’s the more formal reason for this blog.

About Isabelle

I work in international development in the beautiful capital city of Ottawa. I speak French and English and trying to learn more Spanish that isn’t 《where is the library?》
I graduated grad school with a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution, which you will see is quite ironic, considering I am no good at conflict. I try to do everything this city offers, from hikes and restaurants, concerts, festivals and sports.

I was in a terrible relationship during university. We broke up so many times. At one of our worst break-ups, when I was 20, I applied to a study-abroad program in Europe: I had two choices, Italy or Poland. I picked Trento and fell in love with Italy. And pasta. And cheap wine. And any wine. And got over that guy pretty quickly. Because there are tons of boys in Europe that you can make out with. It’s true. SO MANY.

About Isabelle

When I first moved to Italy, I felt numb. Like I hadn’t fully realized that I was in another country. It took me two weeks to track down a phone, figure out my new city, apply for a stay permit and pick my classes. And within two weeks, I had booked my first trip, meeting my friend Patrick in Leuven, Belgium. And discovered Ryanair. Cheap flights. Europe. Adventure.

About Isabelle

It costs a fortune to travel within Canada by plane. I’ve been lucky enough that my mother has instilled in me a sense of travel. We’ve been camping all over Canada. So far, I’ve hit ALL TEN provinces (!!) and two out of three territories (I’m coming for you Nunavut!)

About Isabelle

My six months in Italy was populated with trips to Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Czech Republic. I completely fell in love with Eastern European countries (and who are we kidding, Eastern European men) and the beautiful Island of Malta.

About Isabelle

In May 2014, I headed on my first real backpacking trip to Costa Rica. And that was quickly followed by a solo backpacking trip through NIcaragua.

About Isabelle

My grandmothers were both solo female travellers.

I believe avocados are a food group.

I hate caramel.

I’m looking for the perfect taco.

I love brunch.

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